The Mantle of the Stormseer makes casting these powers much more reliable, allowing you to cast them on a 5, rather than a 6. It’s “just” a flat +1 to the total – but that can come in very handy for casting your powers in battle. Stormseer Sulanhi had been confined to his sanctorum since the White Scars’ hunt began. 05:00 - Morning Prayer. I think the Relic is still worth taking, as it is key for getting the powers off. Qin Xa: Master of the Keshig, most formidable warrior and master of the hunt from a young age. The White Scars have access to a wide range of psychic powers, many of which work well in combination with one another, or with other abilities in the White Scars army. * Stormseer - a Librarian of the White Scar Brotherhood that can summon storms to pin enemies and block line of sight, empower allies with power of the storm while decimating flyer in the sky. * Khan - the White Scar Captain on Bike that can summon a Cyber Eagle scout and has bonus damage against tanks and monsters. This was my first time using the three squads of Intercessors with my White Scars, and I have to say, they proved to be very useful. The White Scars have their own psychic discipline, called the Stormspeaking Discipline. Not bad, but certainly not worth taking over some of the other outstanding relics such as the Banner of the Emperor Ascendant or Shield Eternal. The psychic screams of the Nightmare of Celyx tore at the zadyin arga’s mind, and it … Mantle of the Stormseer: White Scars psykers add 1 to their psychic test when attempting to manifest Smite. And if you thought a new Psychic Discipline was the only thing the Psykers are getting, White Scars have access to their own set of Relics – one of which is the new Mantle of the Stormseer. White Scars Relic. Again, pretty meh. The White Scars are led in battle by three of their most respected Warlords: Jaghatai Khan: known as The Great Khan or The Warhawk, their stoic warrior-poet Primarch, known for his savage fierceness tempered by discipline. Devoted to exploring the role of the unique Librarians which are among the chapter’s warriors, the enovella focuses upon some elements of mysticism within these souls and how their nature separates them from their battle brothers. 04:10 - Grooming. A Space Marine Battles novella Part 1 of the Overfiend series Striking hard and fast against the orks of the Octavius system, Temur Khan and his White Scars find that it may take more than speed and strength to win the day. Those without pray for mustaches 06:00 - Morning Firing Rites. Those with mustaches pray to the God-Emperor for the strength to defeat their enemies. White Scars Warlords. White Scars Special Character(s) your own Pins on Pinterest White Scars practice with their bike-mounted weaponry. Psychic Powers. The latest in Black Library’s ever expanding Space Marine Battles series, Stormseer sees some focus return to the White Scars once more. Stormseer. The White Scars get up from their bikes. With the Mantle of the Stormseer relic giving you +1 to casting, many of these powers have good odds of being cast each turn. White Scars tend to their mustaches and long, flowing hair. Dec 14, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Kristen Zra. Discover (and save!)