After Hae Soo leaves the palace she was not able to see King Wang So again until she died. if he was so much selfless as you said he should have asked hae soo if she liked him … However, since there are no further details available, the fans will have wait until October 17 for the end result. if wang yo dint die he would have forced hae soo and jung to get married. They wanted to give him flowers for his restaurant where he decorates his tables with flowers (And yes, cos the flowers did hold a special meaning between the 2 Oh Soo … Did Gwangjong and Hae Soo truly love each other? 1. Wang Jung finds … How would Hae Soo die? Life is fleeting. There is also a buzz that the court lady will die towards the end of episode 16. So, by now, things are not as happy with the SoSoo couple as they were before. 0 If only this was a dream… if only I could wake up without remembering any of this,” If I had known I … Email This BlogThis! he was a character more immature than eun. Hae Soo give us the answer at the end of the show "If I had known someone would die because of me, I would not have been so greedy to live again" It's matter not when we die, it's how we live. I’m not sure if she would be put to death, sacrifice herself or die of illness but if my observations are correct, Hae Soo would die because of an illness or a heart problem. (The letter to Wang So from Hae Soo before she died) If we are not from the same world, I will find you, my Soo. (Wang So) Life is too short and flies fast, so you must live and enjoy it as you could. Hae Soo is striving hard in the palace to be a good court lady even though she makes mistakes. Advising each other about life and living. I was thinking she’d be swept back to present day versus die in the past, to tie in coming from the future. That surprised me. 2) The conman Oh Soo. Speculations are rife that Ji Soo's character will kill the evil queen and her son in order to save Hae Soo and Wang So. Hae Soo, thinking like a woman from the 21st century, doesn’t see this. Hae Soo prays that she has longer than 10 years to live. Did You Know? I guess everyone cried when Hae Soo died. (Wang So) Images credit: Original authors. She notes she’s only in her twenties. I hadn’t considered Hae Soo dying early. Hae Soo is upset and actually makes contact with Jung. She wants more time with Wang So. The timeline of events in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo is loosely based on history. Wang So also tells her that palace is the place that is hard to enter, even harder to leave. ... dint think were worthy like wang so and baek ahs giplfriend. In Episode 6, during her mourning of Lady Hae, Hae Soo can be seen clutching her heart. When So won’t let Jung come to his mother’s death bed, Hae Soo doesn’t understand, which upsets So… – Hae Soo # “If I had known someone would die because of me, I would not have been so greedy to live again. Probably not. 1) The real brother Oh Soo who died in Episode 1 (Cos the flowers did hold a special meaning between the 2 Oh Soo and Oh Young). It looks like hae soo's appearance is to change what ever may happen to all the brothers.. Bcoz on hae soo's time the brothers kills brother, so I think that was her purpose why she travel in the past, to stop it since she's Wang so's friend.. Hae Soo and Wang So are close to become good friends. The series followed the succession of monarchs in the Goryeo dynasty (Taejo, Hyejong, Jeongjong, and Gwangjong), but we don't know for sure if a certain king really died of poisoning or if Hae Soo even existed. She constantly wrote a letter for him and waits for him every day but the King did not show up in fact he did not read the letters thinking it’s from Prince Jung.