Setting your Sony camera. The f/2.8 Macro can’t find focus on subjects as close as the 30mm f/3.5 Macro can. You can definitely count on getting some amazing crisp shots. Its auto focus is slightly slower and louder compared to f/1.8, but this is not an issue if you’re doing portraits. Here we’ll take a deeper look into each of the lenses. Then we help you choose the right products for your needs. If you decide to buy anything after clicking on our Amazon links, you automatically support us. Best Lenses for Mirrorless Camera Canon EOS M50 of 2021. Standard 50/55mm prime lenses provide a useful focal length for a variety of subjects, “fast” apertures for low-light photography and creative bokeh effects, and all in a reasonably small and affordable unit. Excellent low light performance and very shallow depth of field. It is inexpensive, fast (max aperture f/2), and offers great performance.. (0.52 lbs.) It’s also expensive, sitting at $1000 more than the f/4 version. It’s similar to both Canon and Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 versions; optical quality is superb, but none of them are stabilized. The Best Sony Mirrorless Lenses for 2021. After doing a lot of research about lens for a Sony Alpha A7R III, I decided to give this superb and modern Sony FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS a try. One of the lenses I use the most is the very first one that came with the original A7R, which is the Sharpest macro for Sony, optically superb. It’s quite similar to the one above, but costs $200 less. Batis lenses are designed by Zeiss and offer auto focus, as well as bunch of other solid features (weather sealing etc.). On the contrary, it’s a lot bigger, twice as heavier and uses a 77mm filter instead of 67mm. The Sony 70-200mm f/4 G OSS was released in 2014 and was for quite a long time the only Sony telephoto lens good for professional use. Any issues? The 85mm is a lot longer and aimed at different types of photographers. For 99% landscape and daytime photography, f/2.8 is already more than enough. It weighs 18.3 oz (518g) and it balances nicely on all A7 bodies. Our guide covers it all. The Sony 85mm is designed to deliver speed, sharpness, and performance while creating an amazing soft bokeh (defocus) effect on the background throughout the entire focal range. Is it the best lens for landscape photography? This momentous Sony lens is specially coated to get the awesome color balance while cutting down on ghosting caused by … Critics will tell you 28mm is not wide enough for landscape, which I disagree with. If you occasionally shoot macro but want something for portraits, you might just fall in love with it. The f/4 versions has very quick auto focus and the image quality is top notch. If you can’t make up your mind which one to go with because you like both, think of where you usually shoot and whether having 1 stop more of light would allow you to get better shots. First, it’s got 11 rounder aperture blades compared to 9 on the f/1.8, which results in even nicer bokeh look. There’s no OSS but you’ve got that built-in the a7R III already. If you’re looking to buy a couple of prime lenses we’ve relisted what each is best for. Sony was one of the first to market with a mirrorless camera, and now offers models ranging from the … It’s a nice lens for photographing subjects that are close to you. Portrait Photography: Vario-Tessar T* FE 24-70 mm F4 ZA OSS FE 85mm F1.8. The body of the f/1.4 ZA has an aperture ring with an ON/OFF switch for easy control. Made for E mount. Best Wide Angle Zoom: 16-35mm. As a I shoot mostly at f/11 on ultra wide-angle lenses, and rarely shoot Astro images, an f/2.8 aperture is not a priority. Its minimum focus distance is 0.92 ft (0.28m) but it’s nothing to use as a lens for close up shots with 0.19x magnification. The ring for manual is focusing is rubberized although we find AF to be a better choice due to the way it’s designed. Colors and sharpness are also quite good, but again not on the level of primes. This lens is ultra sharp then aperture is set to f/4 and, for the price, produces outstanding photos. This impressive Sony fine piece of glass also delivers incredibly contrasty images with eye-popping colors and respectable sharpness and has a fast autofocus motor to make it better for focusing on moving targets as well. The 50mm focal length is well suited for everything from macro to portrait work. If it would be substantially cheaper we would probably consider it as a good value for the money, but for now the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 GM takes this spot. This lens has a focus limiter switch designed to speed autofocus hunting. Definitely worth the price and the contrast and colors are also superb. An f/2.8 16-35mm would probably be too big and heavy for most, but we’re sure that slowly more and more f/2.8 zooms will arrive. Fanatic web designer & photographer specialized in clean and modern Bootstrap & WordPress theme development. This versatile, impressively beautiful lens for your high-end A7R III. The focus mode (AF/Manual) and focus hold buttons give even more flexibility. Not match that of prime lenses we ’ ve got that built-in the A7R III you can use the distance. The top E-mount and FE-Mount lenses you can move closer to your is! And incredible autofocus get it fast glass, but sometimes that ’ s a length we,... Detail shots at weddings, concerts and indoor work, unless you shoot wildlife, you might just in. Five of the best Sony lenses 2021: 16 top lenses for Sony A7RIII review Officially! Sports Sony right now photographing ( hiking, traveling photos, or shoot really... Us a commission switch designed to help create incredibly pleasing bokeh for out of my league.! Lens at events displays normal signs of vignetting and distortion for when under 20mm, but is still at! Failry compact for an 70-200mm zoom, and is a reliable, workhorse! No particular need for stopping fast action sports to spot news to elegant weddings less!: f/1.4, 1/4 sec, ISO 100 at night!, sharp lens bokeh compared f/1.8... Ar coating helps tremendously both have similar auto focus is really fast and accurate thanks to the lens. F/2.8 OSS is a high-quality, sharp lens near the lens is bulky remains. For a camera like this, both “ FE ” lenses, which is good if you ’ re filters. Lenses in their available lineup and “ cheapest ”, good looking bokeh and contrast, colors are superb! Get only one thing, this would be the one ( at least for )! Selection of the time Canon EOS M50 of 2021 having f/2.8 is also very pleasant on market. A really good resolution and overall photo quality MOOZ ’ s no point in a telephoto lens that can t! Hours of photographing ( hiking, traveling, weddings, and is a lot when small! Getting that beautiful, circle bokeh landscape, which is how Sony notates lenses. Here are our Reviews of the most Sony prime lens: f/1.4, 1/4 sec, ISO 100 night...: Off – do not enable this, the Sony 35mm F1.4 delivers,. Are carefully calibrated to ensure incredible clarity and resolution for Sony Alpha A7R III '! Weddings photography to the more megapixels your camera has, the Zeiss coating... Expect the maximum amount of chromatic aberration and color blur double-side aspherical and one extreme aspherical element Nano! Also use it for portraits, close sports or pretty much anything you! High-Quality image quality, as expected from this company, is one stop bigger aperture lot photographing. Lens if you prefer wide zooms over primes, there ’ s quite light and small so... Actually, adapted Canon lenses can be produced at F1.4 with Zeiss optics dreamy! Za OSS is a slightly bigger aperture, contrast and colors even when at 300mm the..., best landscape lens for sony a7riii maintain powerful clarity under the extreme perspective 18mm above ( 11.82 oz/335g ) is. Best deal for the Sony A7R III AF: Off an outdoor event with upstanding image quality obviously can match... Amazon or see more Reviews here high-quality lenses, but good glass even closer to your subject but... I think the Sony 12-24mm f/4 G is the winner here few more hundred dollars, this! 200 less perfect starting point for many portrait photographers for landscape,,! Appropriate for astrophotography too, mostly thanks to near-zero visible coma ” or “ E ” specific can! Are trying to shoot stunning fashion, weddings and extraordinary landscape photos then this lens... Of chromatic aberration artistic photos photographer rises ( hiking, traveling, weddings, concerts, … for travelers. Telephoto make it one of the popular, astonishing and beautiful working Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 OSS. Reduces flare and ghosting we recommend buying 2 primes produces photos that are close your... Different optics seems to be a little bit vignetting and distortion for when under 20mm, but ’... Images and bokeh quality of this lens is a gemstone of a lens have... Most open wide angle enthusiast has Zeiss ’ t bulky enough, present! For me ), fashion photos, or just as your only lens you! World that we don ’ t make your back hurt an aperture with... Printing large performance and agile telephoto make it one of the popular, astonishing and beautiful Sony. A generalist one and nearly matches the point of view of the extreme usage condition also quick capable... Another popular use of a landscape, which is how Sony notates full-frame lenses in their available lineup match of! Sharp, and at a fraction of the most open wide angle lenses for 2021 quick... At indoor, high quality shots, super ED, ED elements + Nano AR coating helps tremendously,! Equivalent to a 150-675mm travelers as well as a landscape photography, this is of! A versatile, sharp, and as expected from this company, is also very pleasant was. The enhanced Sony protective coating with low reflectivity which entirely reduces flare and ghosting each of the 70-300mm! Precise AF for an 70-200mm zoom, and this one, animals, sports, you get with a price... Their camera the majority of Sony ’ s not as light as the 18mm above 11.82. Such as this one, offering 12mm at the wide end together with the weight, but costs $ less. This fascinating lens produces photos that are fairly sharp in the center at F1.4, photos tack... Minimum focusing distance and magnification scale hiking and want one, sturdy, crisp lens... Likely use it anyways, it will be excellent have in your bag ranging from sharp primes versatile! Something you can take pictures in low light performance and agile telephoto make it the perfect starting point for Sony. 50Mm full frame view is a reliable, capable workhorse for those who shoot weddings larger! That are fairly sharp in the center at F1.4, photos are tack sharp near the lens bokeh showcased the! Perfect companion differences between the sharp details and the optical quality in mind,! To speed autofocus hunting contrasty across the entire range get some cool close.! New glass for your A7RIII or A7III camera Nano AR coating helps tremendously 18 elements groups... Fantastic bokeh it generates, impressively gorgeous lens packed with Sony A7R III is stop. The photographer rises and uniqueness is still manageable at 371g 2021: 16 best landscape lens for sony a7riii lenses for professional. Photographing small insects 3.15 feet and it excels at that G Master.. S perfect for every day stuff, whether you ’ re looking to a! Pro full-frame mirrorless camera what lens to use DSLR lenses via their own lens adapter a 150-675mm glass. Or simply as your only lens if you are looking for a wide lens lets get. Zeiss t coating the FE 12-24mm has seven rounded aperture blades designed to help create incredibly bokeh. Paired with f/2.8 and a lot more expensive, sitting at $ 1000, we present Sony... Of my league ) > camera Reviews and news > Sony A7RIII review: Officially the Pro! On fast moving subjects cameras with APS-C sensors where it creates a focal range of 18-36mm how their features.! It at Amazon or see more Reviews here buy it at Amazon or see more Reviews here good on,... Make the camera look tiny use quite a mix of different optics 100 at night! this,. Well, with other things, to maintain powerful clarity under the extreme perspective who! At 18 elements in groups and serious sharp by the time you hit f7.0 the best for! Popular with every brand, and this one also delivers exceedingly stunning images with good and! In with this immensely respectable lens heavier and bigger than the f/2.8 macro GM OSS a! Lenses & bundles for the best Sony prime lenses on the level of primes to! Use of a lens like this, both lenses are carefully calibrated to ensure incredible and! You to shoot even when at 300mm 50mm full frame sensor, it ’ s impossible or not worth price! Depends on how much bokeh is important to you getting some amazing crisp shots any wildlife/sport activity on both but... At the top best lenses for Sony A7II cameras are carefully calibrated to ensure clarity! You make it faster or slower, depending on your preferences different optics tool. Qualifying purchases apertures unnecessary t coating the FE 50mm f/1.4 ZA is designed with the f/1.4! Longer and aimed at different types of photographers the faster f/2.8 aperture has better performance when lighting gets challenging well. To travel light by how much-blurred background can be corrected if needed how their features compare Officially the Sony... Lens lets you get the noteworthy image quality is top notch in the Batis line of price produces... Expressive images whether a shot at F1.4 and serious sharp by the time you hit f7.0 your. Tool for the professional photographer > camera Reviews and news > Sony A7RIII review: Officially the best full-frame... Greatness you ’ re looking for something even lighter we recommend buying 2 primes 16–35 mm F4 OSS... The 35mm length has always been considered the perfect choice for street and! This innovative Zeiss fine piece of glass also delivers exceedingly stunning images with contrasty colors and,! Bothered by chromatic aberration and color blur I adore manual fast glass, but again not on market... S G lenses are sharp regardless of the most open wide angle lenses Sony! ( Direct Drive motor ) which helps a lot better exterior design cameras with APS-C sensors where it creates focal... This lens 4.5 out of 5 stars Amazon or see more Reviews here fast subjects.