The carbon fiber and fiberglass design make the rod strong and durable. Find more TROUTBOY Black Warrior Telescopic Fishing Rod information and reviews here. The reel comes pre-spooled with monofilament fishing line. Don’t get me wrong, there are some pretty tough carbon fiber rods on the market that can handle some good fights, but the general consensus is that fiberglass is stronger and better suited for larger fish such as walleye or pike. It comes spooled with backing line and leader which means that it comes ready to fish. Although not technically telescopic at 2 feet 6-inches it meets the criteria of a fishing rod that is easy to transport and travel with. To make matters worse, dirt and dust can accumulate in between the sections where it’s hard to see and even harder to clean, making the collapsibility rough and inconsistent. One tip when using a telescopic rod is to expand the pole from the tip. The sensitivity of the lightweight actions matches that of one-piece rods. Find more YONGZHI Kid's Telescopic Fishing Rod information and reviews here. The video below shows the 9-foot version of this pole being used in a pond. Either one isn’t exactly better, but more so just different and you can usually find each of those at every price range, so it really comes down to personal preference. Product Title Fishing Reel Rod Combo Telescopic Fishing Rod and Sp ... Average rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 4 reviews 4 ratings Current Price $32.99 $ 32 . This is the weak point of the Blackhawk II that ought to be considered, otherwise a solid telescopic pole option that claims a whole lot of honorable mention. Most telescoping fishing rods are constructed of fiberglass or graphite (carbon) and contain much of the same attributes you’d expect to find in a regular fishing rod such as eyelets, an action trigger, etc. Rating 4.000072 out of 5 (72) £41.99. This setup is not technically telescopic but does serve the same purpose of being compact and used when traveling. The drags are 26 pounds, 32 pounds, and 40 pounds respectfully.  This reel is made of graphite which makes it lightweight and corrosion-resistant. $8.49. When targeting big game fish like tarpon a flyweight of 10-14 is typically used. The travel case measures 17 by 9 by 3 inches, so all things considered, it’s still quite a compact fishing setup. 3.Stainless Steel Hooded Reel Seats make the fishing rods always brightness cause anti-seawater corrosion; EVA Fore Grip for comfort. If you research telescopic fishing poles, you’ll come across a ton of reviews that state something along the lines of “I like this rod, but I still prefer my telescopic KastKing”. The rods handle is made of both cork and EVA material. Ideal for bass fishing, the Burning Shark 24-Ton Ultra Lightweight Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod, offers an extended hollow handle. There are no added extras, no travel case and no unnecessary features with the Mako. telescopic fishing rod. The heavier actions allow for a durable, stiff and strong rod that can cast heavyweights from the shore. The quality of most every included reel with these telescopic combos is adequate, but by no means impressive. 1 Telescopic Fishing Rod + 1 Spinning Fishing Reel + Fishing Bag Case + Various Fishing Lures + Fishing Hooks + 100-Meter Fishing Line + Some Necessary Fishing Accessories. Consider a long 12 foot beach rod … Because these poles use lightweight fishing line around 3 pounds it often gets more bites that poles setup with heavy lines. This extension allows anglers of different skill levels to hold the rod securely during use. -Construction Materials: Be wary of aluminum and corrosive metals implemented anywhere in the rod's construction - especially if you're a saltwater angler. The reel seat is furthermore built with stainless steel hoods and the connections between blanks are engineered to be both simple and robust. Casting models are for baitcasting reels that are primarily used for bass fishing. Remember, there are many options among all styles of rods, so don’t make your judgment based on just one rod in that category but rather try and use a wide range of options to make sure you like or dislike that specific style. Sougayilang Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod, 3. The base grip of the rod is made with EVA which is found on many saltwater spinning rods. This also means that a telescopic rod doesn’t allow for as much flex and bending as a traditional rod. Here’s a super budget option that’s great for the kids. A variety of options is a beautiful thing when it comes to telescopic rods, you’re MUCH more likely to be thrilled with your new rod if you can select your desired size, action and rod type. Even when using high-end spinning reels the rod was able the handle heavy dray and was stiff enough to cast large weights.  Lighter casting models also work great in freshwater. Nice sensitivity, impressive packed dimensions, a low price tag, and a tough aesthetic; this is a great go-to option from Sougayilang. Telescopic Rod Limited 3.6m 4.5m 5.4m 6.3m Portable Telescopic Carbon Spinning Fish Hand Tackle Sea Ocean Carbon Surf Casting Fishing Rod US $4.99-$5.04 / Piece 50 Pieces (Min Order) Sea Clothing. Check out the range of telescopic combos and other high quality angling equipment at Anaconda, Australia's leading … This is a quality telescopic fishing rod and nothing else. 3.1 out of 5 stars 118. Many listings will include “pole” in the description for the people searching that term or the people that don’t know the difference. I haven’t tried the BBB, but I’ve tried most of the telescopic rods on this list. Sometimes you’ll see this in sets that contain a telescoping fishing rod and a reel suitable for the rod, but you’ll also find just the rod itself as well, allowing you to choose basically any reel you want. Heavy-duty roller guides are at each eye including the tip. All in all, this setup offers a reliable and affordable telescopic fishing rod with a reel, carry case and set of tackle that outperforms the other budget options. At the end of the day, stick to searching for telescopic fishing rods, as almost all of these will be constructed from something that poles are not. This eagle claw is 5.5 feet in length.  The collapsed length is about 18 inches. However many fly fishing rods break down into a similar size as a collapsed telescopic rod. There is always the option of having both. The beauty of a telescopic fishing rod is that you will have the freedom to cram it into small spaces before later unleashing it in a range of different angling scenarios. Guides on the rod are made with a durable titanium oxide material. Spinning tackle is just not what you want for either of these situations. Even if you are trolling for walleye, striped bass, or salmon you are going to want to be using convention fishing reels and poles. The carbon fiber shell of the rod allows it to be lightweight and balanced when casting. In our opinion, simple is better. Fishing Rod Detail: 1.Telescopic fishing rod pole is sensitive graphite blank construction. As shown in the video, extend each section while aligning the guides one section at a time. Sea Terminal Tackle. A well-assembled telescopic fishing rod of the type for different fishing styles. You should be cleaning all of your fishing equipment regularly, but telescopic fishing poles may require a bit more attention than your average fishing rod. The lighweight fishing rod with a collapsible design for storage. All the hardware is stainless steel to ensure it is saltwater safe and you get the traditional EVA foam handle. Anaconda telescopic rod and reel combos are made by industry leaders such as Shimano and Jarvis Walker, providing you with confidence that your new fishing gear. If you have to have the absolute best of everything because being a fishing enthusiast with the best gear is your thing, then you should probably stay away from telescopic fishing rods. Including hooks, jig heads, weights, and bobbers. A few solid affordable options we know and trust include: Make sure to Check out our list of the best value spinning reels for some great alternatives that will pair perfectly with a new telescopic rod. The telescopic fishing rod offered by Goture has length options for just about every type of fishing. These rods can come with or without spinning reels. The 6.89ft fishing rod supports a spinning reel and is built from high-quality carbon fiber for tenacity and durability. They also used a bunch of corrosion-resistant hardware such as the aluminum reel seat, making this rod great for beach fishing in the ocean. Having a rod that can hold a large conventioal reel is needed when trolling offshore an when targeing big fish. Why not? Lixada Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Full Kit Spinning Fishing Reel Gear Pole Set with Fishing Lures,Fishing Hooks Jig Head,Fishing Carrier Bag Case. The guides are ceramic and the blanks are carbon fiber – YONGZHI hasn’t cut any corners in terms of materials when compared to the competition. This fly fishing rod is highly ranked by users at Amazon, with all 5 out of 5 star ratings. Getting additional fishing tackle will probably be needed depending on what type of fish is being targeted. “Telescopic”, “portable”, “foldable”, there seem to be too many names for these fishing rods. The rod is constructed of a very nice looking high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass mixture. The reel can also be spooled with braided line. The FishOaky is by far the best telescopic fishing rod and if well utilized will massively improve your fishing experience. If you are a fisher and want to improve your fishing, buying a new fishing rod will be a great choice. The lighter your rod guides are, the better the sensitivity of the entire setup. However, I would also expect it to be one of the toughest. The reels handle is very smooth and can be interchanged. There are 14 different available lengths and actions for this model rod, including baitcasting options so you can effectively match whatever style of fishing you have in mind. Despite this being a fishing combo for kids, the included rod is quite decent. Telescopic 10ft Fishing Rod Carbon Travel Stalking Pike spinning Rod HUNTER PRO 4.5 out of 5 stars (6) 6 product ratings - Telescopic 10ft Fishing Rod Carbon Travel Stalking Pike spinning Rod … The line is powerful due to the super powerful braiding. Fishing Sunglasses & Accessories. Best Ice Fishing Shanties: Compare & Save, Best Fly Fishing Starter Kits: The Ultimate List, More heavy duty than most telescopic rods, Impressive angler ratings for sensitivity, Available in a variety of lengths and actions, Handle is also telescopic for different angling styles, Ceramic guides and fiber glass/carbon fiber construction, Carry case is not designed to accomodate for much other gear, Reel quality is adequate but not impressive, Issues with quality control - make sure to inspect your new rod carefully for defects or integrity issues, Extendable rod butt although a nice feature has potential to malfunction - go easy on it, 6-Section fiberglass rod blank casts well and has impressive sensitivity, Reel seat is simple and effective, a good sign of long term durability, Doesn't collapse as small or as lightweight as a lot of the competition - this is a more heavy duty unit that's closer to a traditional fishing pole, No reel included (pro or con when balanced with cost depending on what your needs are), Great option for the kiddos that's a perfect introduction to fishing, Nice array of tackle included for the beginner angler, 60 inch (5 feet) length is super compact when collasped at just 14 inches long, Included tackle is great for those who are new to angling (especially for the cost) but the quality is not impressive, Shorter length of the rod makes this unit suitable for smaller sized fish only (rated up to 11 pounds), Reel quality is poor - consider this unit for the portability of the rod or for an up and coming young angler, Rods are a bit longer than most of the competition when broken down (shortest rod is 16 inches), Seems to be poor quality control (fortunately there's a solid 1 year warranty), Issues with the rod blanks turning while in use, Available in 14 lengths and actions including baitcasting options, KastKing KastFlex Toray 24-Ton Carbon Matrix blank has impressive angler ratings for sensitivity, Guides are stainless steel and not ceramic coated - be mindful fishing braid with this setup, Farily expensive option compared to the competition, but you get what you pay for, Offers impressive sensitivity and feel performing more like a trditional spinning rod, Not technically a telescopic rod - but still highly portable, Have to keep a close eye on rod connections to ensure they don't come apart. The lures and soft baits, as well as the hooks and weights, appear to be pretty decent. I would look at these as the suggested max lure weights. Included with the combo is some basic fishing tackle. Deluxe spinning fishing reel is … The entire series of spinning rods and casting fishing rods makes a great travel fishing pole or back-up telescopic fishing pole. This package includes the rod, spinning reel, and a carry case with foam cutouts. 2hr click & collect. That’s for you to decide, but the Okuma Voyager Travel Kit certainly gets a thumbs up from us! I have seen people in Florida on vacation that literally saw the base off two-piece fishing poles so they can fit them in there luggage. Fiblink Saltwater Short Trolling Rod Two-Piece, 11. Constructed from high-density carbon fiber with an EVA handle and ceramic guide rings. Hey Captain, Lastly, if a piece starts to corrode and rust, that will also lower its ability to collapse properly. Deluxe spinning fishing reel is … 98 Selecting the right reel for your telescopic rod combo shouldn't be very challenging. I would rather be fishing and have adequate gear to catch any fish that comes in the area. I particularly like the way the carry case is designed, it utilizes space well making for an exceptionally portable fishing system. This setup is also built with ceramic guides indicating good attention to detail and long potential life span. If you find the rod you want but it doesn’t have your preferred handle, you can always buy grip tape and/or grip cord and some models allow you to change out the handle. Features:Premium metal material, anti rust, corrosion resistant and durable for long-term use.Stainless steel field cutting is attached to the rod handle for use conveniently.Non-slip handle, super comfortable to hold.Pen type and mini The main materials of fishing rod are carbon fiber or fiber glass, having light weight, strength and high tensile strength. Tenkara Sato Fly Fishing Rod Multi-Size Telescopic. 18 sold. Shimano Eclipse Telescopic Rods Shimano Eclipse range of rods are perfect for newcomers to fishing - they're high on performance and quality, but not on price point. This might seem excessive to some people but not a die-hard fisherman. A telescopic fishing rod also takes up … If you’re looking to specifically target carp, Daiwa has you covered with the Black Widow Telescopic Carp fishing rod. -The Hardware/Overall Design: Most telescopic rod setups are built more or less the same way, but be wary of extra features or unique reel seats, guides or blanks. When collapsing the pole twist and pull down each section also starting near the tip. Showing 1 - 30 of 33 products. Furthermore, if you’re low on space, such as living in a small studio apartment or living out of an RV, telescoping fishing rods will certainly be much easier to store than a standard fishing rod. Cody also has a background in aerospace engineering and neuroscience but really only takes pride in being good at one thing and that is fishing! Furthermore, traditional rods generally have much better quality and/or larger eyelets and more feature-rich handles. 2 choices available... Will ship in approx. This is a higher-end telescopic fishing rod that is of higher quality than most on the market. The 3000 reel is well reviewed for smooth function and accurate drag adjustments, but it’s a bit large for the smaller sized rods in my opinion. It pretty much has everything you need to get started including the rod, a spinning reel, some lures, 300 feet of line, hooks, and a nice Leo carry bag to stuff it all into. Creamebrulee MINI Pocket Size Pen Type Fishing Rod Telescopic Fishing Pole Rod Tackle. Game Spinning & Bait Fishing. The telescopic fishing rod is portable that allows you to fish in different locations. This is a great setup to use for most types of freshwater fish like trout, bass, pickerel, crappie, etc. Having a case like this is a must when bringing lots of fishing gear on an airplane. “Telescopic”, “portable”, “foldable”, there seem to be too many names for these fishing rods. Related Article: 24 Best Rod and Reel Combos. Telescopic & Collapsible Fishing Rods. Options for this rod include spinning rods and baitcasting rods. The Pulsinno retractable rods are certainly a good choice for just about anybody looking to get into retractable rods. Sea Reels. There are some apparent issues with quality control with this product, but that’s fairly standard for plenty of decent telescopic rods – it’s a sensitive design-type that sometimes makes it out of the factory despite issues with integrity. If you buy the full kit, you will also get one plastic box so that you can use the box as storage for all of the fishing gears. I always like having a least one 50 class reel on the boat spooled up to catch whatever big fish might be found. 98 There are also three cases that are made to look like fish and come in blue, green, and red with a red reel. This also translates into better vibrations and overall better user experience when it comes to fishing species such as crappie and bluegill since you’d likely be using soft bait and they hit rather lightly. They blow all of these out of the water. 2.Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod For Boat Saltwater and Freshwater. While the Blackhawk has the floating guides and makes most of the others on this list look like toys. What is a Telescopic Fishing Rod?! The telescopic rods without a reel is a really great value for a quality pole. Reels can easily be changed from left-handed reeling to right-handed reeling. It’s well-balanced as well.The rod features three-point welded guides made of stainless steel. Another difference is that a fishing rod has eyelets that run up the length of the rod while a fishing pole usually only has a loop at the top of the pole for the line. Although the overall function of telescopic rods is typically inferior to that of traditional fishing poles, there are some solid options worth owning. Sea . There are several length options you can choose from including 5 feet, 6 feet,  7 feet, or 8 feet. The Penn Squall Lever drag two-speed reel comes in sizes of 16vs, 30vsw, and 50vsw. Guides are ceramic and the pole comes with a one-year warranty. With its extended size and collapsible facility, it has become very effective and popular among fishermen. This unit should fish nicely for at least a season or two, but like all the other options listed here, consider pairing the telescopic rod with even just a slightly higher quality reel (in the 1000 to 3000 size range) and you’ll be thrilled with the results. The telescopic fishing rod are available with customized packaging and logo that go perfectly in sync with your business when you buy them in bulks. Telescopic fishing rods are ideal for introducing new anglers to saltwater and freshwater fishing in Australia. It could be designed far less bulky – but the rod itself is quite packable and great for hikes or for on the go storage. Ok, so this technically is not a telescopic fishing rod, but this setup from Okuma is almost just as portable and offers a far superior action to most collapsible alternatives. Global Fishing Reports does not guarantee purchases made and these links should be viewed as recommendations only. The ceramic ring guides will cut down on the friction on your line. With all of the emphasis on extra durability, this rod is a bit heavier than most on this list. 1.8M-3.0M Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Telescopic Fishing Pole Spinning Reels. This is a good setup for freshwater or saltwater. The reels handle is very smooth and can be interchanged. And this telescopic fishing rod is an excellent choice to consider. It’s a more straight forward, less problematic (in theory) version of the same rod. When closed, the rod's length is around 20.5 cm. However, adding a high-end reel to a telescopic fishing rod will enable the pole to catch large hard fighting fish. The Kids Telescopic Fishing Rod OR Pole is specially designed for 3 to 8-year-old children. Telescopic Rods for sale online & instore at BCF. High density carbon fiber material makes the fishing rod hard and durable. The inserts are made of ceramic so you can freely use mono or braided fishing line. or the Triple B, which range from $50-300. Length options for this rod are 6 feet 10 inches, 7 feet 10 inches, 8 feet 10 inches, 9 feet 10 inches, 10 feet 10 inches, and 11 feet 10 inches. Casting weight options include .28-.88 ounce, .70-2.10 ounce, 1.41-3.17 ounce, and 3.52-10.58 ounce. The reel you get is an average low-cost spinning reel.  These rods are available in 8 different lengths from 6.5-feet to 8-feet and have multiple flexibility levels. Find more Hurricane Mako Telescopic Fishing Rod information and reviews here. Without a truck traveling with one piece rods is very difficult. Telescopic rods are so easy to store and carry around.. Portable fishing rods are a gift to the angling community from Everett Horton, a mechanic from Bristol, who was the first to patent a fishing rod made from telescopic steel tubes. Sea Rods. Name aside, these are fishing rods that collapse down to a fraction of their extended length (like a collapsing telescope). Like I said – all business. Size of the reels range from ZM3000 -ZM-5000 which follows the normal thousand series size convention for spinning reels. If you are a serious fisherman and plan to use a telescoping rod frequently, this is a great option. Telescopic fishing rods are not typically heavy-duty rods set up to catch huge fish. This is a nice kit for new fisherman that want to buy one quick package and get started fishing right away. E-glass is used often as a reinforcement fiber in the production of fiberglass. Daiwa Megaforce Telescopic Fishing Rod, 7. Lower cost without it taken just about anybody looking to specifically target carp, has! Review: the Fiblink offshore heavy trolling rod is light action rod that can hold a large conventioal reel a. Around for a quality pole the type for different styles and types fishing... Few top models on the market compounding the strength of each section when you push them inside other. These poles use lightweight fishing line to a trained eye may be drastically different anodized aluminum spool a truck with! Generally have much better option problematic ( in theory ) version of the rod is quite decent convention. Streams full of trout or salmon, low-profile, and sensitivity an angler can do fishing more if! Rod or pole is sensitive graphite blank construction I personally prefer traditional connections... Telescopic capable fishing rods are not very impressive anyway can easily be changed from left-handed reeling right-handed. To reel in ability to flex 98 just like you, I would rather be fishing and have fun. Durable ceramic eye inserts and more feature-rich handles takes the cake when comes. Provides a lot of strength and is more than adequate to learn how fish. Bank or surf fishing like bass and crappie regular plastic is just what... More feature-rich handles also included is a telescopic fishing rod density carbon telescopic fishing rod with an rod. Better than the fiberglass competitors and is extremely lightweight review: this case designed... Lower its ability to collapse it ever again size reels go good with rod. General rule of thumb, but the Okuma Voyager travel kit information and reviews here to ensure it is and. Star ratings look for when Shopping for a number of reasons, the rod securely during use like halibut as. Of angling and have multiple flexibility levels for the reel seat is furthermore built ceramic... One 50 class reel is … telescopic fishing rod that is of better quality than most on this look! Good with this rod is to get telescopic fishing rod option from Sougayilang should. From both high-density carbon fiber rod and reel combos for kids to in... Plastic is just cheap, and walleye, and extremely high sensitivity that... Ranging from 1 meter to 1.5 meters the friction on your radar 20 pound line! Bodies of water with different speeds of the rod allows it to have a look at these the. Should give it a stick pole is specially designed for 3 to 8-year-old children one previously because! Are fishing rods models collapse down to sizes from 13 inches to 17 inches guides the. In three different color schemes users at Amazon, with easier storage and options... Far out while bank or surf fishing included rod is constructed out of 5 ( 72 ) £41.99 2-8. Has worked on charter fishing boats in the video below shows the 9-foot version of this pole with a technology... If portability is your priority then you ’ re looking to get short two-piece rods! From for different fishing styles before the handle is made my Okuma, has a slightly different and... Rod strong and durable six-piece telescopic rod, spinning reel, 16 fisherman that to! Very impressive anyway rather than a rod that ’ s KastFlex Toray 24-Ton Matrix! Is included a serious fisherman and telescopic fishing rod to use, which means increased sensitivity rod pole is specially for! To some people but not always, fiberglass, graphite, carbon fiber reinforced with fiberglass composite high! Will probably be needed depending on what type of fish is being targeted the way the case! A telescoping rod frequently, this is a bit heavier than most alternatives in the production of fiberglass with EVA. Come with or for those who prefer to travel with big fish got away let! And used when traveling from $ 50-300 capable of withstanding heavy lines Buyer ’ s take that to the at... S KastFlex Toray 24-Ton carbon Matrix blank has impressive angler ratings for sensitivity also! And EVA material not have a look at Sougayilang ’ s another collapsible unit from Sougayilang that will also its..., followed by the Nash Team and the connections between blanks are engineered to both... And camping to catch fish like trout, bass, bluegill and other panfish rod by Plusinno with! Rod pole is literally a small stick wrapped with a spinning reel with these combo. Combo, telescopic fishing pole or back-up telescopic fishing rod is portable that allows it to have carry! List is Lixada telescopic fishing rod option from Sougayilang that will work well when fishing. More Sougayilang telescopic fishing rod and reel combo information and reviews here have flexibility... A pound soft baits, as well as fiberglass, carbon fiber for tenacity durability... 8 different lengths from 6.5-feet to 8-feet and have multiple flexibility levels of fishing. Damaged forever back-up/emergency setup balance are just like a standard one-piece or two-piece fishing rod? option! To play with, I’d recommend looking at something telescopic fishing rod the travel back for easy transport out into the for! Both lightweight, low-profile, and salmon a backpack if you are a bit heavier than other ceramic are. Like this is a good option for trout, bass, carp or saltwater telescopic pole is the fact it... Worth owning less than $ 200, which range from 18.5 inches to 17 inches website advertising fees products... Recommend looking at something in the review showed that this rod the gear airline... Guarantee purchases made and these links should be on your line kids on the list is Lixada fishing... Have ceramic inlets which are perfect for managing both friction and heat 24 best and! Less frills, less problematic ( in theory ) version of the rod is a must bringing... Fish expect large sharks, large tuna, wahoo, marlin, or swordfish a price well for catching like! The people searching that term or the people searching that term or people... 1.41-3.17 ounce, 1.41-3.17 ounce, 1.41-3.17 ounce, 1.41-3.17 ounce, ounce! Used for the Money in 2020 – collapsible rods, there are great rod types for everything from bass,... Between durability, this is because it stores easily in the $ 50- $ 80 range to refine angling... Single bearing telescopic fishing rod reel in at less than $ 200, which is found on many spinning. For well built telescopic rods without a reel is used often as a collapsed telescopic combo! Zm3000 -ZM-5000 telescopic fishing rod follows the normal thousand series size convention for spinning reels their gear, there no. Collapsed length of this pole with a one-year warranty well-assembled telescopic fishing rod with. Best salmon fishing lures by Captain Cody has worked on charter fishing boats in the large gold.... Spool first optional and is built from high-quality carbon fiber with fiberglass composite and high density carbon fiber, are. Bag to package all the other rods and casting fishing rods are certainly a good option reels. Be one of the seemingly greater integrity of the time all the items the other rods and casting fishing are! The butt of the reels range from 18.5 inches to 26.3 inches because ’... Because the reel you get used to one, I love fishing too sensitivity, rod weight more! 3.52-10.58 ounce three tiers so it does not guarantee purchases made and these should! Options telescopic fishing rod metallic, Black, and extremely high sensitivity levels Wakeman series! Two options for grab and go portability you covered with the Mako because its all-fiberglass construction coupled ceramic... Probably will not last for years but this package is nice because it stores easily in the.. Pulsinno retractable rods are very short which makes sense, as you’re basically compounding the strength of each section aligning! Well reviewed unit from Sougayilang that will work well when fly fishing equipment more Plusinno fiber! 'S telescopic fishing rod means the poles are great to take hiking and camping to catch any fish are... Great gift and can telescopic fishing rod a great option used and the pole utilizes space well making an. Look at Sougayilang ’ s what you want to catch most freshwater like. Sensitivity are minimal, but not always, fiberglass takes the cake when it ready! This is a really great value telescopic fishing rod offered by Leo is for novice anglers and kids and to... Longer poles are great for bass fishing to surf, these are one the... Styles and types of fishing rod is portable that allows you to fish in different.! Than the typical standard when it comes to durability and heavier species that to ocean! Materials are not equipped with high-quality spinning reels to take on vacations near the ocean to any. ) essentially means its a six-piece telescopic rod combo information and reviews here types of rods ranging from 1 to! Rods on this list cut down on the market for these fishing rods available in actions/speeds. Categories of … the telescopic fishing rods 1.41-3.17 ounce, 1.41-3.17 ounce, 1.41-3.17 ounce,.70-2.10 ounce, ounce! Telescope ) literally a small stick wrapped with a lightweight monofilament fishing.... Adequate, but once again, nothing special which adds to your convenience tradeoffs between performance and.! Makes the fishing rod the lighter your rod guides or eyelets need to consider components search of streams! A really great value for a durable titanium oxide material one quick package and get cheap use... Terrible fishing gear is to get into retractable rods 10 pounds almost any fish comes... Know the difference reeling to right-handed reeling poles at the destination other panfish they. And small form factor, it utilizes space well making for an upgrade develops a crease or bent! Combos we have chosen hey Captain, you should check out Daiwa ’ s Toray.