Shellback Tactical Banshee … Login / Register. Add to wishlist. Add to cart. It will not work on a LGA 1155 motherboard. Regardless, the product came in promptly as promised by Shellback. They look and feel better then other plates I have caught a round with. save. Sell Your Plate; 0% Finance Plans 0% Finance; Help & Services Info . 1155 352: FN 5.7 x 28 mm: 40 gr SS 197 ... Chase Tactical 3S11 Level III Stand Alone Rifle Armor Plate (SINGLE CURVE) $ 369.95 – $ 669.95. I’ve bought several carriers from people such as RMA and AR500 and they are just abysmal with 10-12 week lead times and really poor communication. I will definitely be ordering from you again! Compare. I have 6 deployments under my belt, so I know enough about plates to know what I like. Out of stock. I have seen some articles saying it "should" work, but before I pull the trigger, I'd … Super fast shipping, and packed really well. hide. By wearing Shellback Tactical 1155 Level IV Hard Body Armor Plate it will instill confidence in the user and let them know that at the end of the day they will go home to the ones they love. Interested in knowing when we run sales? It appears and feels that it will serve the purpose it was intended to do which is to stop common handgun/rifle rounds. PRICE IS PER PLATE (Purchasing other products and accessories does not guarantee next day shipping on this product) RMA’s Level IV (Model #1155) hard armor plate is a cost effective, multi-hit rated, NIJ .06 Certified plate that offers excellent Level IV protection. Surprisingly, once inserted in the carrier, and wearing it, the total weight is very much manageable. 1155 cpu for sale. No damages nor “blemish” whatsoever. The Hesco 4400 is a midweight (7.6 lbs), multi-curve, SAPI-cut, Stand Alone Level IV Special Threat tested plate that balances lower cost with proven and certified performance. This is my first time to buy a ballistic plate so I do not really have a good insight about them other than the information I gathered from other reviews. [plate… Finding plates right now is hard, finding quality plates right now is almost impossible. Hoping for some input. DDR3 RAM 6 PIN connection 4PIN connection for the CPU Graphics card slot 3 NIC ( network interface card ) slots If you want a PSU adapter I can also add that . 28 product ratings - Asus P8Z77-V LK LGA 1155 Intel Motherboard w/ Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4GHz(3.8GHz) Shellback Tactical Patriot Active Shooter Kit with Level IV 1155 Plates $624.99 $429.99. Standard atx This is an LGA 1155 HP motherboard . Since your browser does not support JavaScript, or it is disabled, some of the sections on our site will not work as expected, please enable JavaScript to get the best possible experience. They know that your role and the world is rapidly changing, so they use cutting edge, forwarding thinking methods to developed advanced equipment to meet your needs. Get them on sale when they do 20% off promos and you can get a set of multicurve level IV plates for about $260. .30 caliber armor piercing (AP) bullets (M2 AP), .223 Remington Tactical Bonded Soft Point, 7.62 mm FMJ, steel jacketed bullets (M80), .308 Winchester PSPB Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded. Multi curve, thinner (0.75" vs 1"), lighter (7.2 lb vs 8.3 lb). Details: Includes: Two (2) RMA Armament Level IV model #1155 plates Can’t beat the 10 year warranty either. 3+ ceramic vs. 3+ steel (with anti-spall): 0.85 vs. 0.55 inches. Explore 6 listings for 1155 cpu for sale at best prices. Posted by on Dec 11th 2018. The reference to 'fortification' has been deleted as the committee felt that fortified ATTA is not being manufactured in the country at present. Great quality and a very comfortable and familiar fit. When in a standing position, the top edge of the plate should rest at the level of the suprasternal / jugular notch (the soft spot right above the sternum). Kit is available in carrier colors of Black, Scorpion OCP, Olive Drab and Coyote Brown. Awesome product for the price and exemplary service from Shellback Tactical. I have bought both these plates and the level 4 4S17 plates, for the price this is a solid plate. Close. report. Compare. I have no doubt that these plates would not let me down, hopefully I wont have to catch another round but if I did, I have no worries with these plates. FoxFury B70 Ballistic LED Light with Handle $ 999.95. Built to last, the 4S17 is NIJ 0101.06 certified compliant, DEA Hard Armor Protocol Compliant and has 10 year warranty from HighCom Armor. Shellback Tactical Skirmish Active Shooter Kit with Level IV ... Shellback Tactical Banshee Elite 2.0 Active Shooter Kit with Level IV 4S17 Plates $799.99 $569.99. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. HighCom is a Leader in Advanced Ballistic Armor Manufacturing. The Level IV is multi-hit . But steel plates can be 2-3 times as heavy (4 vs. 9 pounds). The vaunted Sandy Bridge i3/i5/i7's use LGA 1155, and in many cases are faster than Intel's LGA-1366 enthusiast platform. When I contacted their customer service, to discuss the situation, they were tremendously considerate and upgraded my standard shipping to 2nd-day shipping at no cost. 7 comments. Plates; Hesco 3810 level III+ <5lbs $1300 (set) Quick View. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to subscribe to our newsletter. The product itself is of the highest quality, and you cannot beat a 10-year warranty. View more. Made in the USA, the Guardian 4S17™ protects the operator from multiple hits of Level IV rated armor piercing rounds. Offers accepted £35. Constructed of Ceramic strike face with composite backing, with exterior of durable 1000D Cordura® textured nylon. What more can you ask for ? The cheapest offer starts at R 100. Shellback has amazing shipping time, customer service and are honestly about the best in the business. Important Private Number plates and DVLA Information DVLA is the government agency responsible for all regulatory matters related to the issue and display of private number plates and car registrations in the UK. The list is updated whenever new armor is found compliant with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for ballistic resistance. Band new boxed - cost 143 This 1155 motherboard is located in Worcester and great value at 62 This Level IV Stand Alone single curve plate offers armor piercing protection. ASUS P8Z77-V, delivery to uk mainland only, ask for a quote to deliver elsewhere. 0.5 This standard is one of a series of Indian Standard specifications for wheat products. I'm a big fan of the Highcom armor. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Processors. Ceramic plates can be 2-3 times thicker than equivalent steel plates (0.5 vs. 1.0 inch). As long as Shellback keeps this up, they will have a customer for life. RMA offers a variety of other plates as well for those looking for something to fit their budget such as the model #1155 or the St. Michael. If you’re going to spend hours in your kit, it makes sense to spend more to get lighter plates, but if you’re like me, and just making sure you have a solid set of plates for whatever contingency comes up, this is a great deal. DVLA Guide Ad posted 12 days ago Save this ad 3 images; This insert comes in our modified Shooter’s … Place your order today! Quick shop. The Shellback Tactical 1155 Level IV Hard Body Armor Plate is a single-curve ballistic rifle plate designed to withstand rigorous usage. But it looks like they are of this configuration: 2x SATA 3.0 (6GB/s) slots 4x SATA 2.0 (3GB/s) slots I'd like to put my ODD and SSD in the 2x SATA 3.0 slots. The Shellback Tactical 1155 Level IV Hard Body Armor Plate is a single-curve ballistic rifle plate designed to withstand rigorous usage. If you are looking for a single-curve ballistic rifle plate that was designed to instill confidence then the, Constructed of monolithic ceramic face and polyethylene backing, Shellback Tactical Prevail Series 10 x 12 NIJ 0101.06 Certified Level IV Hard Armor Plate Model 1155.