Coronavirus hardship loans: What they are, how they work and how to get one. .page-node-disneyonice .title_bluebanner h2 READ MORE. Agribusiness Franchise BDO's strategic advisory and traditional accounting support will help your franchise or cooperative both survive and thrive. BDO Center for Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting Dynamic resources for board of directors and financial executives. Renew current loan arrangements. After filling out the forms, expect an ATM activation code. Click here to access the BDO Online Banking Facility 2. While the objective is to keep serving the urgent banking needs of clients, the adjustments in operations aim to protect the health and safety of both the customers and the front liners. MANILA - BDO Unibank on Monday warned clients against scammers who are taking advantage of the loan payment extension announced by banks due to the COVID-19 lockdown of Luzon. .page-node-earn-more-points-bdo-visa .title_bluebanner h2, The number of open branches is reduced, banking hours are shortened, and skeletal force is in effect where possible. Use this code to confirm enrollment at the nearest BDO ATM. BDO has it wide network of ATMs and Cash Accept Machines available. Government guarantee cost of 0.5 to 2% of the loan. Verification Complete. MANILA -- BDO Unibank said Wednesday it was offering a 60-day payment extension on loan payments for qualified clients to help them cope with the COVID-19 lockdown. Type of Loan. At the end of these 12 months, decision of an early repayment (partial or total) and amortization of the remaining loan of 1 to 5 years. Fraudsters are sending out emails or calling customers and posing as “legit” bank personnel offering a loan payment extension, the Philippines' largest lender said. AboutCareersPrivacyTermsContact UsAdvertise With Us, BDO offers 60-day payment extension on loan payments due up to April 14, BDO, BDO loan, BDO loan payment, BDO grace period, BDO covid-19, BDO coronavirus. Use our ATM on Wheels to withdraw cash, pay your bills, send money to BDO accounts and buy prepaid mobile load. BDO’s interactive map is a global tool that provides an overview of the key measures being introduced by governments in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.