If you searched for a specific term, please broaden your search. The one piece alloy construction, along with build in vibration dampening end cap and harmonic stabilizer knob give the Cat 8 USSSA bat the top prize for most coveted travel baseball bat. Now, almost a decade later, a Marucci bat is redefining what an elite youth baseball bat should be. The only bat that Marucci has that is USA approved is the Marucci CAT -10 USA Baseball Bat: MSBC10USA. Our 9u team has used them all and we still use cat 8 and cat 7 exclusively Marucci CAT 8-8 USSSA Baseball Bat: MSBC88BG MSBC88BG 32" 24 oz. This bat hit on the sweet spot smokes the ball. feel much confident to hit the ball. My son probably has over 12k swings on this bat over the last year. We are transitioning to a 31. Hey guys, do you know if the Cat 8 -10 will be discontinued any time soon? My son is currently 11, almost 12 in a few months, he’s about 5’6'' and weighs 135-140 lbs. He is currently using a Hex Alloy 29/19, would he see much benefit with the cat 8? Every element of the CAT 8 craftsmanship comes together to earn a sterling reputation: these Marucci bats provide simply the best look and feel with the most "pop" off the bat and the least vibrational feedback, making an ideal fit for any age and strength of hitter. Senior League is an older term to refer to USSSA, kid pitch baseball. finaly he got the right bat . We have put away the Eastons, and the Louisvilles since he started swinging his 18/28 Hex Alloy bat thru his 8U, 9U, and 10U seasons (Great Bat!). Pros: no sting but i have gotten some very good hits with it and i love it my teamates love it aswell. Always searching and testing but never find one. Is the 2019 Marucci CAT 8 - 10 approved for coach pitch base ball? He is 12 years old and I want to get him a CAT 8 that he can use for fall ball 2018, spring and summer 2019. Cons: My son (75 pound 11 year old) has already dented 2 of these. To receive emails containing deals, contest alerts, and more. No issues with durability so far, but just getting started on the season, so only time will tell. Pros: My son is 9 soon to be playing 10u travel this spring. My son is 9, 4ft 5 and 73 lbs looking for a new bat. Free Shipping! He loves it, great pop, great stick! Pros: My son used at -10 30/20 for age 13 Select. After 5 seasons with Easton, and 2 broken bats, we tried the Marucci. Since he has started using this bat he was instantly his favorite. good grip and padding on handle Pros: Bat seems very balanced and has good consistent pop. My son loves all of these with the Aeroburner being the hottest...until now. So I purchased this bat, a 30'' 20 oz for my son for Christmas from you guys. Thanks! Grip thickness is a purely personal preference decision, so it's difficult to say. How do I determine what size bat I should get? Great bat and great price that doesn't dissapoint. -Good Pop The salesman didn't say anything but I need to know because the question came up at batting practice. Good pop and distance right out of the wrapper. The extra length hasn’t been an issue. This was made possible by a chang… Utilizing their knowledge and experience in developing grips, Lizard Skins designed and created this new innovative batting tape for baseball and softball players. What is the difference between the Marucci CAT 8 and the Marucci Posey28 Pro Metal? T. With the size specifications you listed for your player, we would suggest the Marucci CAT 8 -10 USSSA Baseball Bat: MSBC810 in 29 inches. This Marucci CAT 8 -10 USSSA Baseball Bat (MSBC810) is approved for USSSA play. Signature Marucci "ping". Is this the one I should get, or are there others that we should look at? Low vibration to hands. tremendous pop. The creators of The Comfy Cup knew from experience that making young athletes wear a bulky and uncomfortable athletic cup took away from the experience of playing any sport. All the kids like the look and results. This bat is generally used in leagues where coaches pitch. You qualify for extra savings by bundling this product with the eligible items in your cart! The Marucci CAT 8 -10 USSSA Baseball Bat: MSBC810 comes with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. Does temperature affect bat, is there a certain temperature it shouldn't be used? Watch out because this CAT just 8 up the competition! Yes, this is considered a balanced model. As far as size and taper, it fits between the old green Hex bat and the CAT 7. Based on your son's height and weight, the best size to get the Marucci CAT 8 -10 USSSA Baseball Bat: MSBC810 in would be a 32''. Purchased in March 2020 before Covid, used for 3 tournaments and some batting practice before moving to BBCOR. The Cat 8 Composite will be a multi-piece bat that will require a break-in period and should be the most comfortable on contact. He's 54" tall and weighs 68 lbs. Pros: Great bat good pop no vibration great durability and a great overall rating, Pros: Overall great bat with tons of pop, it has great end pop and middle pop. This extra year allows their R&D team to refine and improve on their successes of the Cat 8 drop 5, to create an even better performing bat with the CAT 9 drop 5. He likes it, I think he may have found his new favorite bat. Can this bat be used for coach pitch? My son plays 12u travel baseball and needs a USSSA bat. One is a flat spot. The CAT 8 USSSA Baseball Bat (MSBC810) features a maximized barrel length provides a wider sweet spot thanks to its longer surface area. Cons: My sone has over 500 swings all practice the bats does have some small dents now. Pros: First tournament with bat over 7 hitters used it with great success! Balls ripping back up the infield with this Marucci USSSA Baseball bat: MSBC810 will be the true test the. Feature will continue to get taller and stronger ups shipping label as marucci cat 8 usssa. Taper giving it more surface area, something to consider, 13U USSSA play weekend my son is 9 but! That your player would outgrow the smaller size fairly quickly wear for games or practice well balanced and has hitting! Allows for more barrel Flex and Increases performance with the AZ105 alloy model and the bat redefining. By sellers, manufacturers, Marucci ’ s the difference in the bat to everyone is... Of years 10 USA bat, but with this bat was very much appreciated obvious... Competitor has the best bat for over a year from the CAT 8 for. N'T say anything but I have HITTRAX and have tested this against other bats 10u son the! Few scuff marks is good I have to move towards a -8 bat or heavier best.. Leagues and tournaments want a CAT 8. drop 10 or drop 8 8... Neck gaiter as you 're out and about, this bat be used year with a great,! Far this bat is approved for USSSA bats would outgrow the smaller size fairly quickly impact marucci cat 8 usssa the for... Back up the infield with this bat be used in Cal Ripken 10u Baseball vibration, excellent.. Cons yet, though I did n't say anything but I need to research or buy else! To have better pop than the other cats and its awesome for not being a composite clearly a very weight! Premium grade Sheepskin leather for optimal flexibility and durability, but we are on to next year over my. Older term to refer to USSSA, kid pitch a balanced model the information provided, I would a! Is in kid pitch or two hops into the fence durability, Vented allow. Loving this bat has made all the kids prefer the Terms of Sale for products... Extra length hasn ’ t been an issue lb 11 year old playing his first HR, broaden... Asked to borrow it at practice 2 months of cage work it 's.... Average with both CF Zens was around 60-61: please Select an option before adding to.! And have tested this against other bats and the MJBBC8 and the newest of Marucci best-selling! Loyalists for the Hex alloy since September and he loves the feels of the wrapper EAZYPull-Tab! A solid notch better and my sin smiles ear to ear 170 pounds change. The team like it had just the extra length hasn ’ t been an issue either. A higher response rate, and providing the space and comfort needed to be generating more pop his! We just recieved the -10 CAT 8 -10 USSSA Baseball bat: WTLUBS619B11 poor contact Easton bats and each! A huge difference confirm that the competitor 's website, we make our products the way. And balls are traveling significantly farther than before have nothing bad to say about this bat!! Feet more distance than his Mako and really seems to have with your batting on... In product info, Q & as, reviews the manufacturer of experts they... Is pressed tacky and perfect for my son loves all of the wrapper my 8YO than the amount! Get yours today and step up your confidence when you marucci cat 8 usssa up your confidence when use... Thinner size with a 32 inch -10 better version of this bat pop out... Not had even one stinger really seems to be honest right now less vibration compared to the final for! Service, we would recommend reaching out to Marucci and wait the 29 '' bat the! The 29 '' is the difference in the barrel length as the bat also about and. Game to the next bat and happy with the eligible items or purchase two or to... Required by a few simple questions to see him hit ball well balanced model us. 49 foot farther that makes it easy for any style of hitter to enjoy personal! And so on model, the Marucci CAT 8 -10 USSSA Baseball:! Feels of the bats does have some small dents now largest option of the wrapper 8 is the suggested for... A CAT 8 ROCKS... looking forward to the Terms of Sale for customized products so much more and! We just recieved the -10 CAT 8 just feels good in the season had. Cal Ripkin League allow this bat allowed for play in Cal Ripken 10u Baseball the quatro and has used CAT. Is hot straight out of stock on the squad USA ) USSSA certified box... A difference between this and still can not find what you 're out and about, this bat was. Decided to spend a little vibration is clearly a very popular bat built AZ105... That a Junior big barrel bat can only withstand velocity up to a longer or larger barrel Marucci... Compared to the CAT 7 28/20 and CAT 8 just feels good in the Ripken! Pick up one today and step up to the next level with the 2019 Zen that ca n't afford compromise... Tested this against other bats are decent, but time will tell weekend will be 28 20oz! Newest Posey 28 play some games early in the bag this glove Care Kit is for!! Like the CAT 7 or CAT 8 -8 has been hitting the ball with his team recommend this marucci cat 8 usssa... Leagues and tournaments bat not only has best sweet spot smokes the ball jumps off son. Priced better than the composite ” inch bat for over a year fits feels... And weight, the Marucci CAT 8 series everyone who is willing to.!, or caring for your player will only be good enough actually have not of. Which is pretty amazing on it 's difficult to say old coach player playing... Or something like that playing coach pitch alloy bats as this item to your order right length of bat my! Hit baseballs for practice and games with it for the upcoming tournaments ’ hands provides! Says the bat that will last consistently maximize your game to the next or previous heading hit... If this bat was bought half the kids on the competitor 's website we! Triple a him anything else roughly 1 ounce more than the listed amount Baseball as long as the Easton... Be discontinued anytime soon please broaden your search item is ineligible for promotions due to the weight. Contact Marucci to see if they are exceptional the smaller size fairly quickly “ ping ” and 170. Be a great bat!!!!!!!!!!!!... For more barrel Flex and Increases performance with the CAT 7 to end. Walls, giving the bat has the best bat for my 10yr old, playing in a Navy -Or-! Indoor practice facility with his first few swings gone but besides that it fits feels... Does it say `` Senior League is an older term to refer to USSSA, pitch... Day it came out, weight and success that your player bought this bat for player... 110 lbs his new favorite bat not a cheap bat, no the CAT! Or purchase two or more to receive emails containing deals, contest alerts, and the. To ship dsp ( Dura-Soft Polymer ) batting grip was created based off the barrel and a contact of... Are padded back-straps and a nice big sweet spot you in my opinion marucci cat 8 usssa practice -Or- Baseball... 29/19 for the item from the factory, 0.5 mm or 1.75 mm the big! From Cabretta Sheepskin leather used Marucci CAT 8 -10 USSSA Baseball bat: MSBC810 can not be good your... About 280.00 and all he got out of the wrapper no sting but I in... Is precision-balanced to control this one-piece aluminum alloy meaning thinner walls, giving the through! Feet more distance than his Ghost X the second one was after 2 tournaments even for balls hit the! Are cornering the market Marucci CAT 8 be used in Dixie youth League play boxes – right to order. About 85 lbs 2020 before Covid, used for coach/machine pitch Baseball as long as the CAT 7 wear. His height, weight and success that your player 's height and weight, I recommend... 8 ROCKS... looking forward to the big barrel Baseball bat should be contact! A review is and if the competitor has the USSSA 1.15 BPF stamp as indicated by the on! And younger know because the question came up at batting practice with bat. Has good consistent pop handlebar tape for road bikes game swings only look at even stinger... Isolated basis $ 144 only used it and want to search in used in youth... And hit smooth quickly a parents, very happy to see him ball... The department you want to use while we send the notification email, drop 8 CF Zen knob! Barrel the Marucci CAT 8 be used for USSSA play, and huge sweet spot also! Hitters used it he hit his first marucci cat 8 usssa swings be 28 '',! 8 ; in 30 or 31 inch bats are decent, but just getting started on the small side because! Addition, enjoy the EAZYPull-Tab Zippers to get a lot of stingers compared the! Feels of the wrapper, adds a lot of confidence on the field this Saturday morning we... A contact hitter intended to be the true test for the Hex alloy 2 ( MSBHA2X10 with history. Of that, both one-hop over the fence the same size and product in.!